Hawk Mountain is community of 50 homeowners and 20 landowners located at the Hawk Mountain development in Pittsfield Vermont at the ZIP 05762. This community of homes was the first project conceived, designed, engineered and built by the internationally known architect Robert Carl Williams Jr. and consists of unique contemporary homes expertly situated in the Mountain forest, providing a back-to-nature  experience, but with the all the mod cons of a modern home.

The Hawk Mountain Owners association (HMOA) is the group that was formed to represent and support all homeowners (and landowners) at the Hawk Mountain residential community. The mission statement of the association, and its duly elected board, is to represent its members with fairness, transparency and open communication in all matters pertaining to the homes, private lands and the common areas of Hawk Mountain.

Hawk Mountain Owners Association Mission Statement

It is the HMOA board’s intent to help provide a harmonious, positive living environment in a natural setting, while building upon the strong community spirit and dedication of its members to continue the Hawk mission of comfortable living in nature. The board also encourages member involvement in the ongoing activities and projects that its members undertake to help to continue to realize this mission. The board’s responsibilities include keeping all HMOA guidelines and bylaws current, holding regularly meetings, delivering a budget and to provide an annual meeting for all of its members to attend and vote on budget, practices, protocols and leadership. It is also about the human level of neighbor helping neighbor, but free of the shackles that some homeowner associations often require. Here at the Hawk Mountain development, the beauty of nature is allowed to shine through and we are lucky enough to get to live in it.

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