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Available Internet Service Provider Services at Hawk Mountain in Pittsfield Vermont

Finding an Internet service provider (ISP) in any small village in Vermont is no easy task and Hawk Mountain in Pittsfield, VT is no exception. Despite the overall lack of support from the State of Vermont to build a good communication and electronic infrastructure and the recent state legislation that prohibits small towns from using taxpayer funds to build telecom infrastructure for the general public, it appears that the Vermont State Government is always quick to say no to any new or good ideas. but very slow in providing their own ideas, (if ever).

We have listed the two main ISP providers in the area below, but many expect The State of Vermont to pass another ridiculous law against the Internet service provider industry to set Vermont back to the horse and cart days. What is it with the bureaucrats in Montpelier?

ecfiber provides internet service to the Hawk Community in Pittsfield VT



Phone: (802) 763-2262

Company Tagline:
Fast Reliable and Affordable Internet For East-Central Vermont

Lacking any support from the State of Vermont, this locally owned and operated, start-up Internet service provider paid construction crews to hang fiber optic cables along all the major routes in Vermont and fortunately the Pittsfield area is no exception. The Hawk Mountain community is now fully wired with fiber optic cable to every home providing lightning-fast internet connectivity to all the homes at a reasonable cost. This “Community Owned” organization has no stockholders and when their revenues exceed expenses, any excess not needed for further network construction goes back is to member towns and not to stockholders. This is a true Vermont success story that has succeeded against all the odds and they deserve all the support we can give them. The customer service is second-to-none and residents feel good about giving back to a community start-up.

The cost of the ECFiber service is the only challenge with the monthly bill coming in a bit steep at $75 including the rental of the fiber optic equipment. Residents and owners can put their service on a “seasonal disconnect” while they are away for a small monthly payment, Service speeds range from 17 Mbps to 700 Mbps and support response times to problems are exceptional. The price range of the internet service goes from $75.00 to $149.00 for their top end solution, but most residential customers opt for the lower priced solution. Customers also like not being locked into a multi-year contract, unlimited data with no caps and symmetrical speeds (where it is the same speed for download and¬†upload). This service has many advantages over the Consolidated Communications DSL solution, but it is a higher price, but with no contracts, better support, faster speeds, more reliable connections and an overall more positive local approach, it is by far superior.

ECFiber is based in South Royalton, Vermont and the chances are that you know someone who works there.

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