Past Meeting Discussion Points

Below are some of the past discussion points, actions, issues and strategies that have come up in general meetings, board meetings and other general discussions regarding Hawk Mountain, the homeowners association and homeowners themselves.

  • Clarification of tree policy and who is responsible to deal with fallen trees
  • Providing a method for trash pickup (or drop-off) to avoid bear issues following the state and town ordinances of banning municipal trash pickup through taxes
  • Purchase of land adjacent to the Pond by the Association to block private purchase and construction
  • Method to deal with members delinquent with membership dues
  • Fix billing where some landowners have two or more lots and are erroneously being billed homeowner fees for only one lot
  • Repairs to emergency parking lot located at base of Hawk Mountain Road
  • Positioning of signs indicating no snowmobiling allowed on roads
  • Signs disallowing hunting on private land
  • Installation of single satellite dish for all community members
  • Lawsuit filed by the HMOA board against homeowners failing to meet community standards
  • Cell phone tower installation
  • Ban on gun ownership by homeowners
  • Construction of shed next to pond for storage of pond items
  • Construction of permanent benches and BBQ grills next to the pond
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