Homes For Sale At Hawk Mountain

You can find the latest list of homes for sale at Hawk Mountain in Pittsfield VT listed here: Hawk Homes For Sale

The Hawk Mountain homes are a collection of Robert Carl Williams designed and engineered homes that are expertly integrated into the natural surroundings of the Vermont National Forest. The homes range from a 6 bedroom/5 bathroom jewel on 5 acres of land with stunning mountain views, through the range of more modest 4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom homes that and all the way down to 2 bedroom/2 bathroom value driven properties that provide similar features at a more manageable size and cost.

The original, custom-built Robert Carl Williams designed homes (and inspired by Frank Lloyd-Wright) on Hawk Mountain include many of the architect’s signature features – vaulted ceilings in premium pine and oak, exposed support and roof beams, handcrafted stone fireplaces using river stones or other locally available premium stone. The homes feature light-filled open spaces with few dark corners and man wall reveals, all classic Robert Carl Williams touches and design traits.

Many Hawk Mountain homes come with heated floors, walls of windows, discreet saunas, well-designed kitchens (with large center islands) and over-sized carports.

How Hawk Mountain Survived Hurricane Irene in 2011

All of the homes at Hawk Mountain in Pittsfield are expertly situated to each other and blend into the natural surroundings that provides privacy and convenience, but still retain a sense of community with neighbors helping neighbors in times of need. That sense of community was especially evident during Hurricane Irene that blew into town on August 29, 2011.

When the North East Coast suffered at the hand of this terrible storm, the destructive power of the rain was devastating for many areas in Vermont and in many cases caused 100 year floods that tore out thousands of homes, bridges and buildings across the state. The town of Pittsfield lost many homes to the rising river waters during the torrential downpour, but the Hawk Mountain homes fared better as being situated on a mountain side provided far more protection from the water than that of homes closer to the valley or the rivers. The torrential rain did find its way down the mountain and cut out new ravines that tore through yards and driveways. Due to the devastation in Vermont (which got little press in the urban centers of the North East Coast) many residents had no way of getting out of town for many weeks until temporary bridges were erected, so during this time residents banded together and provided a food sharing service and helped each other with the recovery with many chainsaws and backhoes getting the town of Pittsfield back on its feet, until the State was able to help out.