Procedure For Buying and Selling Homes and Lots

Buying and Selling Homes and Lots at Hawk Mountain, Pittsfield VT

Step 1: Contact Hawk Mountain

Hawk Mountain Owners Association (HMOA) has the first right to purchase the property. The sale CANNOT take place until HMOA issues a written waiver giving up that right. HMOA needs a 30 day notice before the closing date to prepare the documents. (See Resale: page 30, article 12 in Protective Covenants.)

Please notify X at Y. He will provide you or your  representatives with the documents needed for a sale.

Step 2: Disclosure

HMOA will provide you with written notice of the following annual assessments in the Resale Certificate:

Annual Homeowner’s Assessment
All Homeowners and lot owners are charged this assessment annually.

HMOA Water Assessment:
Assessed to homeowners on common well systems. No charge to homeowners with private wells. For more information see HMOA Water.

Fiscal Year: Begins on X and ends on Y. Assessments are due on Z. 1st of that year.

Home Improvements

You may be anxious to begin exterior house projects. Before doing so, please review our by-laws (page, section) HMOA requires that you submit your plans to our Architectural Review Board (ARB) using this ARB form. All homeowners are required to do this BEFORE for any exterior work or tree cutting takes place.