The following committees have been formed to resolve specific projects

Architectural Review Board/Committee ARB/ARC

Two Board Members: Kathy Mianulli and Candy Kadimik
General member: Jeff Wright

Mission: Committee to review/approve any construction/architectural changes to owners properties

New Web Site and Content:

Members: Betty Warner, Loribeth O’Brien and Noel Turner
Committee Mission: To develop the new website and content

Cell Phone Tower Committee:

Members: Julie Clark and Noel Turner
Committee Mission: To determine cell phone signal improvement solutions

Tree Committee:

Members: Jen Held, Helen Bass and Dana Kopicki
Committee Mission: Determine town, power company and association limits in clearing fallen/dangerous trees

Pond Committee:

Members: Jeff Wright
Committee Mission: Determine the correct solutions for the pond, dock, fire hose, BBQ’s etc.

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