Tree Policy

The Hawk Mountain Owners Association has adopted the following tree policies:

If any tree needs to be cut down, the board must approve its removal before any action is taken, unless it is an emergency, then the board should be notified afterwards. 

The association is not responsible for tree removal unless it is on common land. In the case of a fallen tree, it is the responsibility of each individual homeowner to clear any fallen tree from their property. In the case of a tree that needs to be taken down or has fallen, there are some options:

Tree Removal Responsibility

  1. The Town of Pittsfield will often take care of trees that fall across the road, but may leave remnants of the tree on private land. The town will use the rule of thumb of taking care of trees that have fallen within 25ft from the center of the road.
  2. CVPS will take of trees that are near the power lines, but they will most likely leave the cut-up remnants on private land
  3. The HMOA will take care of trees on common land and at the pond. The HMOA will remove tree remnants from the common land
  4. Homeowners/landowners are responsible for cutting down and clearing trees away on their own property
  5. In past years the HMOA has paid for a wood chipper on Vermont Green Up Day, but the last few years have seen few people utilizing this great service, so the project has been put on hold.